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PADI IDC Classroom Teaching Presentation

As you may already know, becoming a PADI Instructor is not just about knowing the basics of scuba diving and having the right certifications. It’s also about knowing how to apply the PADI education system through a number of presentations. One of these is the PADI IDC Teaching Presentation. Below is some useful knowledge that you can apply during your PADI IDC Internship program in Bali.

The PADI IDC curriculum has been designed to expose you to lots of information with the aim that you will leave with enough knowledge to become a great instructor. There’s a lot of information that you need to take in, so for those opting to take the 15 days course (especially those who are just squeezing this during their Bali holiday), be prepared as it may feel as if your brain is being force fed to the brim.

PADI IDC Classroom Teaching Presentation

One of the major focus of this course is to help you develop and sharpen your presentation skills. The presentations are carried out in three environments: classroom, confined water, and open water; each with its own set of challenges. Among all the presentations you’ll be doing, those in confined and open water prove to be the best in giving you practical skills and knowledge needed for teaching presentation in the real world.

As for the classroom presentation, this is one of the major components for your PADI Instructor training. Here you will need to follow an outline that has been laid out for you and you will be judged based on how well you follow it.

PADI IDC Teaching Presentation Outline

When you are giving a knowledge presentation, you will be required to have these 3 sections:

  • Introduction – Here you will introduce your topic by simply letting your audience know what you will be speaking about.
  • Body – Give an explanation of your topic.
  • Summary – Emphasize learning by restating your major points.

Focusing first on Introduction, here are some pointers on how you can get the attention of the listener for the topic you are about to introduce. Your introduction should motivate your listener to pay close attention to what you are about to say and should also tell him or her how he or she should act.

A proper introduction has 4 sections:

  • Contact – This is where you grab the attention of your listener by taking your topic and relating it to an experience they can identify with.
  • Value – You need to come up with a value statement which provides a reason for your listener to actually pay attention and learn what you are about to teach. It’s about creating a need for them to know.
  • Key Points – Provide an overview of what it is you will be covering in the body of your topic. A good idea is to look at your PADI Instructor manual and copy the key points.
  • Conduct – Direct your students to take notes, turn to a specific page in their instructor manuals, etc.

So there you have it, a few pointers that you can use during your PADI IDC Internship program in Bali. In this PADI IDC Internship, you will learn how to transfer your knowledge to your student through the classroom presentation training. Our PADI Course Director will help you in following the steps and will also share their experiences with you. If you’re ready to become a PADI instructor, then contact our PADI IDC Internship program in Sanur, Bali and let’s work together on getting you certified.

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