19 Oct

Why Bali is the best location to take Professional dive courses

If you’re a diver looking to chase after your passion for the ocean, what place could be better for you than the island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia. It is an admired diving destination for all diver levels and especially those looking forward to immersing themselves in the underwater realm with mystical creatures and soft & hard corals bursting with color.

The greatest feature of taking a professional dive scuba diving in Bali is the rich and diverse dive sites – the deep drop-offs and steep banks, the vibrant coral ridges, one of the most famous wrecks in the world, volcanic outcrops, and the seagrass beds.

tropical-dive-site-when-take-Professional dive-in-bali

With the variety of colorful and rare marine life living under Bali’s ocean, there’s enough to keep you coming back for more. Located right at the heart of the Coral Triangle, it is the most diverse area in the world for marine life!

Taking your professional dive courses such as PADI Divemaster or PADI Dive Instructor certification in Bali will give you more experience and knowledge compared to anywhere else in the world. Why? Run through the reasons with Blue Season Bali – the most established IDC dive center of the island.

1. It’s different everywhere you go and every time you go

Every dive site you visit glows with its own charm and brings its own adventures. There is no dive site that will bring you the same experience twice.

At Blue Season Bali, it’s not only about the dive sites, but the people you dive with and the Balinese community that surrounds you. Taking professional dive in Bali, sure we can say there is a difference in spotting creatures or face a more challenging dive when the forecast has got it all wrong.

Wreck-diving-when-take-Professional dive-in-bali

However, it’s the positivity and hunger for adventure from other divers that will bring your diving game back up and enhance your diving experience in Bali. Share dive experiences, help each other grow, and most importantly: make new friends.

The Balinese will also be more than happy to tell about their home’s iconic, tranquil waters to a couple of intrigued guests visiting their island.

2. The dive sites

Bali is also a great diving destination for most of the popular specialty dives many professional dive are seeking today. At Blue Season Bali, we offer:

  • Deep Dive: Dive into the exciting and alluring waters of Bali to uncover unique sea creatures and their environment.
  • Wreck dive: Dive down the famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck that is just teeming with aquatic life ready to be discovered.
  • Enriched Air diver: Take PADI’s most popular specialty in this tropical paradise.
  • Drift diver: Experience a magic carpet ride with PADI’s Drift diver course by ‘going with the flow’ in one of Bali’s most famed dive sites: Nusa Penida.
  • Master Scuba Diver: Learn from the experts at Blue Season Bali to join the greatest in recreational scuba diving.

Professional dive when take their divemaster courses in bali

To the east of Bali lies the Lombok Strait. The first deepwater trench directly east of the Asian continental shelf and the greatest volume of tidal water on earth. The Pacific Ocean creates some powerful currents that some divers may compare to a ‘rollercoaster ride’. That’s what characterizes some of Bali’s dive sites. It also invites the regular visits from large and rare pelagic fish such as the incredible sunfish, also known as mola-mola. The strong currents also clean the water and as a side effect create fantastic visibility. This little island caters to every diving condition imaginable.

3. The overall experience in Bali

Other than the amazing dives you’ll have, Blue Season Bali is happy to introduce our Bali internship experience where you will know what it feels like to live a life in Bali. We will be more than happy to help you with organizing your journey to Bali by:

  • offering you a clean and comfortable accommodation to look forward to after a good day of diving
  • giving you an insight towards what a ‘diving lifestyle’ truly is
  • giving you some great nightlife and stylish dining venues
  • adding desired specialty courses if you’re interested to increase your diving knowledge in Bali

We don’t want to spoil the adventures that await you on the island of 1,000 temples. Join Blue Season Bali to enhance your professional IDC Dive Center in Bali and check out the many courses we provide at our dive center. Are you ready? Contact us now.

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