10 Nov

Cool scuba diving gifts for Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and of course no one has thought about any gift ideas yet. We are here to help you to find the perfect scuba diving gifts for Christmas! Here we’ve got a little list with some cool ideas! You’re going to want to keep all of it for yourself!

  • Travel Mug

As lovers of the ocean, we surely want to avoid to produce unnecessary trash, for example: disposable cups! You can make your coffee at home, or buy it at your favorite coffee shop, and instead of getting a one-use cup there, you can take your travel mug with you! It also looks awesome – win win!

diving christmas gifts

  • Scuba themed Tank Tops

When we aren’t wearing our exposure suits, we still want to wear something which is related to diving! And to be honest, who hasn’t had similar thoughts already! There are also lots of other cool prints available.

diving gifts for christmas

  • Deep Tea Diver

Maybe you’re living somewhere where it has an actual cold winter with lots of snow or you’re living somewhere tropical like Bali. In any case a nice cup of tea is always a good idea and with this little scuba tea diver it’s even more fun!

Diving gifts for Christmas

  • Octopus Shot Glass

If tea isn’t strong enough, you can also step up your drinking game with this classy octopus shot glass!

diving gifts for christmas

  • Manta Ray Chain

Sadly, we can’t stay underwater all day long to watch those fascinating creatures. Maybe your buddy would like to wear one around the neck instead!

diving gifts for christmas

  • Diving Mug

Start the day right with a sip of hot coffee out of this mug!

diving gifts for christmas

  • Diving themed Bed Set

What could be better than going to sleep after a long day of diving in your snugly diving themed bed set?

diving gift for christmas

What scuba diving gifts for Christmas are you getting for your buddies? Let us know all about it in the comments!


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