20 Dec

A Divemaster internship in Bali that changed my life entirely

I started diving in 2014, which is not a long time ago, but the feeling about the first breath underwater was just so fascinating that I knew I’m not going to stop diving in my entire life. After finished entry levels in Malaysia and spent few years in high school, I escaped from the hometown that almost tore my heart apart and found the way to this beautiful island.

Divemaster Intern-Lunch-Padang-Bai

The internship here was great, I met an instructor who was treating his students unreservedly with all the knowledge he had, asked nothing in return but only expected you to become the best. On the other hand, intern fellows here were friendly at all time and showed no hesitate to help. Also, the diving resources in Bali is abundant: several dive sites with great condition to do some training skills, different kinds of environmental situation for completing different diving. I really learnt a lot during the internship that I actually did well in my IDC & IE later on!

Divers Padang Bai Bali - Blue Season Bali Interns

Friends are the motivation that keep pushing me forward, and at here people from all over the world join together because the passion of diving, sharing interesting stories happened in their adventures that I wished I could be there as well. On every night we went to dinner together and talked about the things happened during our day trip around Bali, no matter those are the good news or the bad. When we were day off, we would had some lovely brunch together around the noon, just to relax ourselves and getting to know each other better. Sometimes we would ride on our scooters to explore this island: maybe we went to the beach and chill, or perhaps we went to Kuta for some fun! This internship really widened my wisdom about this amazing world we live in and I’m so glad that I had this opportunity to explore myself, and meet those friends who helped me understand how amazing this world is, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t seen it myself.

I will definitely not going to regret that I chose to finish my Divemaster internship in Bali, in fact, I keep telling people that I had the best two months in my life ever during my internship here, this is true and nothing but the truth. So if you are out there and interested in being a Divemaster, what are you waiting for? I got the best one here, and I’m pretty sure you can have the best as well!

Written by IDC Intern Eddie Kuo during his web workshop with BSB

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