26 Aug

My journey to becoming PADI Dive Instructor – Part 3

So the next part of my journey is here, getting my dives up over the next few days so I can get my confidence before I move on to An instructor's view of Padang Baimy Advanced Open Water Course. So I have 3 days ahead of me for Diving, the locations were Padang Bay, Amed and Tulamben. Wow can’t wait so excited to take my diving adventures further. So it’s the morning of my first dive being a fully-fledged certified diver and we are off to Padang Bay. The day started with turning up at the Dive center nice and early, so I can help prepare and get my equipment ready for the day ahead. Once this was completed we waited for the guests to arrive, after a quick tea and coffee, we all jumped on the bus for the one hour road trip to Padang Bay.

The drive started off with one of the instructors giving a bus briefing for the drive ahead. We arrived at Padang Bay and all I could say was amazing. It was a beautiful sandy beach, with lots of people, bars and restaurants, the place for us to park up was call Topi Inn. A good sized beach front restaurant looking over the bay. We all went off into our groups where we got our briefing of the diving ahead of us. The first dive was called Blue Lagoon, followed by a se  Padang_Bay (1)cond dive to Turtle Neck. The excitement was immense. We got to the boat and all our equipment was already on the boat ready for us to setup. The first dive site Blue Lagoon was about five minutes from the starting point. Once we got there, we put on our equipment and back rolled into the crystal clear, warm waters.

Straight away I was presented with so many beautiful corals and marine life. Our first dive lasted around 45mins. My air consumption was quite good for a first dive so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Next we was off to turtle neck, called this as you look from above it looks like a turtle neck. This is a huge wall that drops to about 35m. The waters was still, calm and very warm. It was amazing, better than anything I had ever seen before and the realization that seeing this stuff on the TV is nothing like seeing it in the real world. Words couldn’t describe what I was feeling right now. After our dives we headed back to Topi Inn to have our lunch, debriefing and get Diving in Padang Baieverything packed up and head back to home. Was feeling a little sad to be leaving but very excited to be off to Amed tomorrow the home of some beautiful manmade structures to help the marine life with their habitats and coral life grow.

Stay Tuned for the next part. 🙂

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