14 Sep

The myths of PADI Scuba Diving Instructors

There are common misconceptions when people think of becoming a PADI scuba diving instructor. Here are 3 myths about PADI instructors – today we will tell you the truth about them!

1. Every day feels like a holiday.

The Reality: Most PADI scuba diving instructors work far away from their home countries. The general office hours of 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday, doesn’t exist in most tropical dive destinations. The instructors start early, end late, and most of them work 6 days a week or sometimes even 7 during high season.

The busy of PADI scuba diving Instructor

New Year? Christmas? Easter? Doesn’t count as a holiday if you’re a PADI scuba diving instructor. Holidays are the busiest time for diving centers, especially in Bali, one of the world’s most popular diving destinations. PADI scuba diving instructor is expected to work during these times. These dive instructors live and work at the diving destination’s resorts, but you won’t catch them relaxing by the pool, lounging on a beach chair unless it’s lunchtime. They’ll be busy diving, doing paperwork, filling tanks, repairing gear, answering emails, cleaning up after a dive session, and it goes on. Customer service involves having fun, sharing the passion to teach, and meeting new people, but it’s them who are on holiday – not us the dive pros!

2. PADI scuba diving instructor makes a lot of money.

The Reality: Pay varies greatly from one person to another and depending on where you work, but if you are in it for the money, you picked the wrong job! Most work is on a commission basis, so if you’re not receiving divers and students, neither are you receiving cash. Of course, this also has to be compared to the cost of living wherever you are working.  None of us are in it for the money. For most of us, being able to support your needs as well as do what you love doing, and live at an amazing destination, is worth it.


3. PADI scuba diving instructors have the knowledge of every single creature in the underwater realm and every dive equipment product ever manufactured.

The Reality: While some dive instructors look to be a walking encyclopedia of marine life, most of us are still enjoying discovering all things aquatic with every dive. Of course, all diving instructors have their own niche. Some are equipment freaks, and some of us just know the fundamentals of a regulator. Some of us live to see big fish, some are happy with looking for the small underwater critters. Please don’t be mad at us if we need to reference back to the books to figure out what kind of Flabellina we saw on that dive session, or have to ask Google regarding your dive computer.

PADI scuba diving Instructor-and Padi Divemaster is working at the pool

Regardless of all these myths, being a PADI scuba diving instructor is plainly amazing. Whether you want to personally improve as a dive instructor, have the passion to teach and share your knowledge with your students, or turn a hobby into a profession by working as something you love to do.

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