PADI Instructor Training in Bali - FAQ

Doing your IDC might be one of the biggest life-changing decisions you will ever make. It could be a change in your career, your lifestyle, it could mean meeting the most amazing fellow students, it could be falling in love with a new place or it could be discovering your teaching abilities.

Here at Blue Season Bali, we all truly understand how big of a decision this is, because we all made it at some stage in our diving careers. So, we have tried to answer as many questions as we possibly can here. If your question is not listed here, that's OK. Just email us and reach out, we are happy to help!

As little as 2 weeks and as much as 3 months! The minimum, as recommended by PADI, for an IDC is 7 days, but this is not what we do here! We will give you ample time to prepare for everything and find your pace, there will also be a day to relax in the middle of the course (or go diving!). Our most popular package is our 28 day IDC because it really includes everything you need to succeed in the diving industry and have a good start in your new career. Check out all our packages here and if you cannot find something that fits with what you are looking for, just get in touch with our team. We are happy to customise an Instructor package for you.

Depending on your program, the IDC Prep Course is scheduled from three days until a week,  prior to the start of your PADI IDC. During your IDC prep course, we’ll work together on:

  • Dive Theory Review
  • Demonstration-quality Skills
  • Rescue skills
  • Special workshops such as CV, Marketing and Equipment
  • BBQ!

The IDC preparation course is designed to assess your level with dive theory and confined-water skills. This will give you a great opportunity to understand what you need to work on with our team. The IDC preparation course is a great way to prevent stress on the actual IDC and get ready at your own pace. And it's included with every IDC package!

During the full 2 weeks of our IDC we will go through all the necessary components of the course, and more! Most days consist of classroom time and water time. We will prepare you to teach in confined water and in open water, we will also review all PADI courses and give you some valuable input on how to teach. We are not aiming at making you successful at the IE only, we want to get you ready to teach your first PADI course with confidence and safety! We therefore include a lot of workshops such as: CESA workshop, Rescue workshop, descents and control workshops in order to give you all the tools you need to suceed as a PADI Instructor.

You will also meet fellow instructor candidates from all over the world and have the time of your life!!

The EFR Instructor course is designed to develop your First-Aid and CPR skills to be able to independently teach the full range of EFR courses. During two days, we will have a lot of fun practising these skills while also giving you plenty of tips on how to to teach an effective and fun course for your students.

Being an EFR Instructor is now a prerequisite for attending the IE so we schedule it to run as a part of the PADI IDC. Besides, how are you going to train good Rescue Divers if you can’t teach CPR?

As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you will be allowed to teach some of the specialties right after your IDC: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, Coral Reef Conservation. In all of our IDC packages we also include Enriched Air and AWARE Shark Conservation, because we care about the environment! In our 28 day IDC package, we also include 5 more PADI Instructor Specialties of your choice, from a wide range of courses: Night, Wreck, Deep, Drift, Fish ID, Equipment Specialist, etc

For two days immediately prior to the start of your PADI IE, we will run through an exact replica of the PADI Instructor Exam. Experience has taught us that even the best candidates still have some anxiety going into the IE. So you will get to experience beforehand how they run and how easy it is!

The Mock IE is a great way to relieve that stress by showing candidates exactly what to expect. We run the program so similarly to PADI’s own IE that the real IE will feel like a walk in the park!

The PADI Instructor Examination is a two-day event held right here in Bali. It consists of you showing an independent PADI examiner what you have learned and developed over the previous few weeks during your PADI IDC. There is nothing new and there are no surprises.

During the IE, we’re there to handle logistical support and make sure everything is organised for you and your fellow candidates. You will also have our purpose-built IDC classroom as a home base to construct presentations and review. We are committed to supporting you throughout your professional training- from beginning to end. Basically, the only difference on the IE is that you’ll be showing one of the examiners what you can do instead of us. It really is that easy! .

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