PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali

Here at Blue Season Bali, our divemaster internship program is aimed at completing two primary goals. First, we include information, workshops and seminars which are far beyond the requirements of the basic PADI Divemaster training. We do this with the goal of making you the most well-rounded and knowledgeable divemaster possible.

Second, we place a high emphasis in developing your divemaster skills and theory up to instructor level. So, when you move on to take your Instructor Development Course, you are as prepared as you can be for it!

Here below we tried to answer the most common questions that the future interns ask us. You might have some more and that's fine! Contact us and our friendly professional development team will answer you in a blink!

Cuttle Fish Padang Bai Bali


Looking at our PADI Divemaster Internship options you will notice that we offer a wide range of duration lengths to suit your needs. As a general rule, the more experience you can get during your Divemaster Internship, the stronger candidate you will be. We strive to give the best training so that you are prepared to get out and start working, confident in your abilities and of value to your employer. The longer your Divemaster Internship, the more time you will have to hone your skills, and to get experience in different aspects of diving that may interest you. Our longer programs include assorted dive specialties which allow you to explore different aspects of diving, while gaining valuable experience that adds to your arsenal as a professional diver. Check out our different PADI Divemaster internships
Choosing a program is always very difficult, and we encourage you to explore all options and investigate what program may best suit your needs. As you will be spending a significant amount of time with your instructors and fellow interns, we always try and arrange a face to face call during the application process, so that you can speak with us and get comfortable. This is an important step for us as well, as we want to make sure that you will be successful in the program.
Finding work in the dive industry is often dependent on the people you network with, your general attitude and work ethic, and your ability to adapt to new environments quickly. We take care of the high quality training that will prepare you for any situation, but it is up to you to take on the professional attitude. As a well established PADI Career Development Centre in Bali, we pride ourselves in our reputation, our network connections, and our high quality training. If you can make an impression on our staff, they will do everything in their power to try and secure you experience, even though we can’t guarantee anything..
Becoming a PADI Divemaster is the first step into professional diving, and a necessary step towards a career in diving. The course will prepare you to work as a professional, handling logistics and guiding certified divers, as well as conducting certain Divemaster led programs. At the end of the course, you will be confident in your abilities as a diver, and employable! However, getting your PADI Divemaster is also a great way to spend your vacation, providing a structured and goal-oriented curriculum to develop new knowledge and to perfect your dive skills. Some people begin their Divemaster Internship as a way to spend a few months diving and learning about the industry, with no immediate plans to become a working professional. That being said, be prepared to fall in love with the industry that we have all fallen in love with!
For participants planning on staying longer than 2 months in Bali, a Social Visit Visa is required. Don’t worry, we help with the logistics and sponsorship of this visa. Once we receive your deposit and confirm your place in the program, we will provide assistance for you to get the correct visa. You will also notice that for all our PADI Divemaster Internships programs, all the visa extensions are taken care of, costs and procedures are all taken care of!.
Evidence of previous dive training (outside of PADI) will need to be verified by our instructors before you commence the program, so any certification cards should accompany you to Bali. If you have any of your own gear, by all means bring it along! We do offer rental gear to be used for the duration of the program, and can assist you in purchasing gear when you get here. We ask that you have your own mask, fins and snorkel and we strongly recommend you also have your own dive computer. We do recommend students who have ambitions to work in the industry to purchase their own gear, as it is an investment that will pay off in a very short time. We all love our gear, and will help you with any questions you may have. Other than gear, most day to day things can be purchased in Bali for quite cheap. “Tourist” items such as sunscreen and special shampoos are quite expensive here, so you might want to purchase those from your home country. Don’t forget that smiling face and positive attitude. If you’re having trouble, we can share ours.
Long story short, Bali is amazing. We have amazing beaches, beautiful rainforests, great food and a dynamic social scene. Most importantly, we have incredible diving. As we are based in Bali, we have access to a wide range of diving, and have trips going all over the island. It is very hard to get tired of the diving, as some of our long term staff will attest to. More information on diving can be found here
Right away! We work with you to develop a schedule that will suit your needs, and if possible we like our Interns to start orientation on a Sunday to progress through the program on a set schedule. However, we understand travel plans can be limited, and will work around any time constraint you may have.
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