27 Sep

10 Steps to becoming a PADI Master Instructor

What does it truly mean to “master” something or to become a master of a topic? Ever wondered what having a “master’s” degree or being a “master” craftsman or artist means?

The term “master” is defined as someone of skill, ability, and experience. In some fields of work or education, it could mean investing hours on a particular subject matter. For the PADI system of diving education, to become a Master Instructor is to be a leader that has taught many, if not all, aspects of the PADI system and trained many divers of different levels.

PADI Master Instructor

To be certified as a PADI Master Instructor means that you are now part of an elite group of scuba educators that have proven to be a role model and a dive industry leaders by sharing your passion for the marine environment, dedication, and hard work.

At Blue Seasons Bali, we support all divers to reach their desired goal. Even though we can’t directly help you reach this certification level, we have compiled ten steps for aspiring PADI Master Instructors:

  1. Complete the PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and IDC Staff Instructor programs
  2. Be a PADI Instructor for a minimum of 2 years
  3. Get certified in becoming an Emergency First Response Instructor
  4. Participate in at least three PADI Seminars
  5. Issue 150 PADI Certifications, including a minimum of 50 continuing education, 15 Specialty certifications, 5 Rescue Diver certifications, 5 Divemaster certifications and 5 Assistant Instructor certifications.
  6. Issued a minimum of 10 Emergency First Response provider course completion cards
  7. Use the complete PADI system and materials for training
  8. Issued PADI as the predominant certification
  9. Not recorded in Quality Assurance violations within the past 6 months
  10. Demonstrate support of the PADI organization in its efforts to establish programs in aquatic education and conservation.


Why should you aim to become a PADI Master Instructor? Some say to prove themselves that they really know what they are doing. Some feel the need to impact and play a role in diving education. Some just need the title to make themselves more marketable.

But most importantly, as a PADI Master Instructor, you should be helping your students to reach for the sky. Some of our most valuable team members are Master Instructors, it shows their commitment to diver’s education and their ambition to be seen as role models!

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