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5 tips to stay fit for scuba diving

Some divers may say that diving is a lazy people sport. The might have a reason, but staying in fit condition is most definitely going to improve your diving! If you are a fit diver, you’ve got better strength and a higher energy level, for example to fight currents. You are less likely to get cramps or fatigue and your air consumption is better which means that you can maximize your dive time. Here we’ve got 5 tips how you can stay fit to enjoy your scuba diving to the fullest!

1.Improve your general fitness and breathing

To maximize your air utilization, it is important to breathe deeply. You can learn that for example through yoga or meditation. In addition to this, cardio exercises like swimming, cycling or jogging help you with your breathing and your stamina.

2. Strengthen the muscles you use while diving

Most of the time you are diving in a horizontal position, for that you need your support system i.e. your back muscles and abs. Crunches are just one of the many exercises you can do to strengthen those muscles. To be prepared for strong currents, you should strengthen your thighs for example with bodyweight squats. With calf raises you get stronger calves which makes your finning easier and reduces the risk for cramps. As you can see there is no need to go to the gym, but you surely can if you want to.

3. Stretching!

Stretch your body on a regular base! Most importantly flex your feet with for example toe grabs, to strengthen the muscles that support the arch which also helps you to prevent cramps and fatigue. Your body isn’t used to the position of your feet during finning, so it is best to train that position to prepare yourself.

4. Eat healthy

Of course, everybody loves pizza and needs his or her soul food from time to time but a healthy eating habit really is going to support your diving experience. It helps you to maintain your energy and reduce fatigue.

Eat healthy to stay fit for diving in Bali

5. Stay hydrated!

Drink a lot of water before diving and don’t underestimate the risk of dehydration. It can not only cause cramps and fatigue, it also increases the risk of decompression sickness. So get the water in you, before you get into the water.

What are your tips to stay fit for diving? Did we miss anything important? Let us know all about it in the comments.

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