02 Nov

Benefits of becoming a PADI Dive Instructor

To take the plunge to learn to teach passionate divers about the marine life and its environment is rewarding in many ways. With PADI’s Open Water course being the most popular, this shows that a majority of divers anywhere in the world are not diving deep enough into their dive education compared to just getting certified at entry level.

However, there are still divers out there excited to take their passion for the underwater realm to the next level, continuing their training to more advanced levels such as PADI’s Advanced Open Water course or speciality courses.

If you’re as young as the age of 18 or 20 with big dreams, or maybe you have been doing the same old job for years and need a change of environment asking yourself “should I go Pro?”. The answer is yes! Many go as far as being a PADI Divemaster thinking “I don’t want to teach diving, so why should I bother?” Because the benefits of a PADI Dive Instructor go beyond being allowed to teach.

1. Development of dive skills

Development of PADI Dive Instructor skills

For all divers that have considered professional diving from Divemaster and up, one of the major benefits of going Pro is that it takes your diving experience to a whole new level.

Before beginning to climb up the professional diving ladder, your training makes you feel more comfortable underwater with an increased situational awareness and a stronger emphasis on control. This is particularly necessary to mentally and physically prepare you for the challenges that come with teaching diving.

2. Personal development as Dive Instructor

Agus PADI Dive instructor at Blue Season Bali

To find yourself in a position to lead and keeping in mind of prospective scuba divers all of whom are new to the underwater world, it is a great opportunity for you to step up and take responsibility.

Perhaps some of the newbies may even appear nervous and it’s on you to calm their nerves and ensure the safety of the individual or dive group. You are also responsible to teach the group the skills they need and have fun while doing so. This isn’t only about growing to become a better diver, but to help you grow as a person as well.

3. Learning and discovering the ways of teaching

Teaching as PADI Dive Instructor

Unless you’re an educator, you’re unlikely to receive proper or informal training on the best ways to teach your students.

Many people say that several vital teaching skills can be accumulated from experience of being a PADI dive instructor. The principles of dive courses and ways of teaching are based on very applicable teaching fundamentals.

4. The chance to turn something you love doing into a profession

you love doing into a Dive Instructor profession

As you grow personally and as a diver, your ability to work in the dive industry increases and opens up a lot of doors, especially if you’re a PADI certified dive instructor.

To work as a PADI dive instructor means that you can still benefit from the certification without transitioning to a full-time career. Many dive instructors, as a matter of fact, teach their passion on the side on weekends, just for the fun of it. In any case, to be a certified dive instructor can be a way to return the investment you put into doing what you love and be able to make an income out of it.

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