10 May

The Benefits of Enriched Air Diving



Enriched air is also known as Nitrox is the most taught PADI Speciality on the planet and let’s talk about why!

Have you ever been on a dive with air and really didn’t want it to end?! I think we all have and the joy of Enriched Air is that it reduces our exposure to Nitrogen and the primary benefit of this is that we can spend longer underwater. YAY!

We all learned during our PADI Open Water Course that Nitrogen is the gas that limits our time underwater, in the PADI Enriched Air course we increase the amount of oxygen in our blend giving us more minutes underwater to enjoy what is going on 😀

Us PADI Professionals that work as a Divemaster or Instructor enjoy the other benefits of Enriched Air such as shorter surface intervals needed but also if you have ever spent a week diving on a liveaboard you feel a lot fresher at the end of a day’s diving.

During the course, you will learn about managing our exposure to Oxygen by managing our Partial Pressure. During the PADI Divemaster course, you are going more into depth on Partial Pressures and the science behind this. This knowledge is crucial and a must for any of you that have the end goal of becoming a PADI Technical Diver.

Since this is the most taught PADI Speciality on the planet at Blue Season Bali Go Pro we include the Instructor level specialty on our IDC Program, which is great as instantly you’ll have more courses that you can teach as a PADI Instructor making you more employable.

Should you be torn on what course to take next I would highly recommend the PADI Enriched Air Course being your next step as it only takes a day and you will have a valuable qualification for the rest of your dive career.

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