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PADI IDC Confined Water Presentation

In order to become a PADI Instructor, one has to go through a PADI Instructor Training course. In this course you’ll need to show a few presentations; 2 presentations in knowledge development, 2 teaching confined water presentation, and 1 presentation in open water with two skills, as well as a rescue demonstration;

PADI IDC Confined Water Presentation in Bali

Confined water training has one more phase as compared to open water training. This is because a demonstration must first be carried out in a controlled environment to show the students how they should perform the skill in order to meet the required performance and give them the opportunity to practice in a safer environment.

Here’s a brief outline of what a confined water presentation entails during the PADI instructor training course:

  • The briefing
  • Demonstration
  • Control and delivery
  • Problem solving
  • Debriefing

Deliver The Briefing in Confined Water Presentation Sessions

This is a brief overview that talks about the area and introduce the skills that each diver must learn. The skills must be discussed one at a time in a manner that can be understood with ease. It’s very important that during the briefing you give an explanation as to why divers need to learn these skills. You’ll also need to let them know how to apply them during a dive. As you go on with the briefing, you will need to explain where your students will be positioned as well as describe what your students will need to do prior to, during and after their performance. Aside from that, you’ll also need to demonstrate the different signals used in each of the skills and also establish which signals are used for what skill. During the briefing, you’ll also need to explain your role as an instructor. If you will have an assistant, explain their role as well.

PADI IDC Confined Water Presentation Rescue

Performance of the Demonstration

You will need to make sure that all your students are able to see your demonstration during the PADI instructor training.  Demonstrate each critical step that you described in your briefing.  Be sure to use movements that are smooth, slow, deliberate and exaggerated so that you can bring their attention to the details that can simplify performing the skill.  You may need to have an assistant to help demonstrate a particular skill such as an alternate air source use.

Control and Delivery

Position the students and yourself correctly in the pool.  A good idea is to ensure that your students have their back to the wall of the pool to ensure they are steady and not floating off. It’s very important that each one of your students can clearly see what you are doing in order to minimize problems and reduce the risk to student divers in case a problem occurs. If you have many students, get an assistant from PADI Divemaster or Assistant Instructor to help observe them.

Problem Resolution

Anticipate problems and make plans to correctly respond or prevent them. Stay close to your students in case they need help. Use your PADI Divemaster assistant also for your problem solver with the student.


Let the students know what they did well as well as identify the problem areas and give suggestions on how they can improve their performance to avoid these problems moving forward. Also, make sure to restate your objective which you can read from the confined water cue card relating to the dive and skill you’re presenting.

The indication of a good PADI instructor can be seen by how smoothly their presentation was conveyed to the student. When taking the PADI Instructor Training course, you’ll learn about how to demonstrate and transfer your diving skills to the new PADI Open Water Diver. This, of course, is done during your Confined Water presentation.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get started with your PADI Instructor training. We guarantee that our PADI Course Director will not only teach you how to transfer knowledge to the new diver, but also keep your students safe.

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