20 Nov

Top tips for the Freelance Scuba Diving Instructor

Freelancing as a scuba diving instructor is a very practical option to work in the diving industry. Not only does the dive industry allow you to work while travelling around the world, it also gives you the opportunity to experience introducing people to the underwater world you love, expand their comfort zone, and help them discover a new-found passion.

LEARNING-PACE as scuba diving instructor

If you love travelling, scuba diving, and dreaming of life in the tropics with white sandy beaches and daily visits to the underwater realm, get ready to change your life and find out some tips to what it’s like to live as a freelance scuba diving instructor after you do IDC in Bali.

Let’s look at a few top tips for the freelance scuba diving instructor. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s a great lifestyle!

1. Take what comes along

When you get offered work as a freelance diving instructor, don’t be overly picky or risk not taking an offer hoping something better will come your way. Don’t worry that it’s not the biggest diving group because as a freelancer, especially if you’re a new one, you might be at the bottom of the ladder. Say “yes” with confidence, a smile, and don’t forget to say thank you!

Freelence-as- PADI scuba diving instructor

There are many opportunities out there for freelance diving instructors, especially PADI scuba instructors. Even if things get busy, be sure to honor your committments and never cancel a gig because something better comes along. Regardless of the fact that you are a freelance employee, employers may depend on you, so it is advisable to attend to clients in a professional manner. Dive centres do talk to one another, passing references and recommendations, particularly if you’ve chosen Indonesia to be your destination to freelance, it’s a small network!

2. Maintain reputation and build rapport

Dive centres love to have reliable freelancers in times of need. This means there’s less of a commitment on their part, but it’s a great opportunity for you to be considered. It is crucial to build rapport and do your best to provide valuable diving experiences to all guests, no matter your professional certification level or the diving school or centre you were previously working in.

make good reputations as scuba diving instructor

You may have your opinions about one dive school to the next but you’ll be advised to keep that information to yourself. If you’re seeking to begin to land a permanent job at that specific dive centre, work hard, stay humble, and build a reliable reputation for a better chance of a permanent position.

3. Be patient and do your research

Progress doesn’t happen in a day, if it’s one thing to be ready for, it’s to wait. You might not get the response you want to hear in a day, a week, or even a month! Be prepared for this by saving up on some cash and keep an eye out for legal documents that need to come through such as visas and work permits for the country you plan to work in.

Legal Visa In Bali when work as scuba diving instructor

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