15 Sep

A PADI instructor short story – Bojan’s professional diving career with Blue Season Bali

Are you curious about becoming a PADI professional? You’ve probably already been to different areas to dive and experienced all sorts of diving! So have a lot of our interns and instructors at Blue Season Bali. In this series of blog posts, our PADI professionals will tell you all about their path to professional diving, why they became a PADI Pro and where they enjoyed diving the most. We hope those stories help you choose your own path to becoming a dive professional, maybe even a PADI instructor!

This time our PADI instructor Bojan tells us all about how he ended up becoming a PADI Pro:

professional diving Instructor-short-story-Bojan

I had my first diving experience when I was 13 years old. It actually might not seem very special as it was just in an indoor pool, but it was totally fascinating to me. I mean, I was able to breathe underwater! I will never forget my first breath in this pool! After that I had a 14 years break until I finally moved on to do my Open Water Course in Krk, Croatia in 2007. As I enjoyed diving so much I later went on with my Advanced Open Diver. I could now dive deeper and explore the awesome underwater world a little more. This also was in Croatia in Novi Vinodolski, where I also did my Rescue Diver.

The more I was diving the more it became my passion. Each time I entered the ocean it was as exciting as the first time. Diving is like entering a whole new world with its own special atmosphere. It always calms me down and somehow the ocean gives me a feeling of safety.

So far I’ve only been diving in Croatia, Slovenia and Bali. My favorite place for diving definitely is Bali as the dive sites here provide such a great variety – you can’t help yourself but fall in love with this island. It is one of the world’s best dive sites for a reason! So it is not a wonder that I decided to stay here.

I never planned to start professional diving – two years ago I started developing my hobby into the professional diving direction by doing my Divemaster at Blue Season Bali. Soon after that I figured out that I wanted to become a PADI instructor as well. Now I am still here at Blue Season Bali and I am enjoying it to the fullest to practice my teaching skills and get more experience. I really love it to teach others about my passion and share my knowledge with them.

How did your diving journey start and are you thinking about professional diving as well? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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