24 Nov

What to look for when buying scuba gear (2)

Scuba diving is a gear heavy sport with many pieces of equipment. There is an overload of possibilities when it comes to buying your own gear. As your scuba gear also is your life support it definitely is worth investing time to find the equipment that fits you perfectly. Having your own gear is just the next step to enjoy your diving even more with a maximum of comfort.

Last week we already talked about purchasing the “Basics”, like a mask and fins. Today we are coming to the more expensive but also more important pieces of scuba gear.

Most important – Life-Support-Equipment

The most important pieces of your scuba gear are your BDC, regulator and dive computer as they are called life-support-equipment for a reason.

  • BCD

You should try on a BCD when wearing the exposure suit you mostly use. It should fit correctly and shouldn’t squeeze you too much when inflated. All valves should be tested for accessibility and ease of use. Furthermore you should check adjustments, straps and pockets – are they easy to reach and use? As the BCD is the most important piece which you use for many years it should be best tested in real diving situations, so you know that it’s the perfect one for you. Think also about your main use, is it for travel, teaching, cold water diving, etc.

  • Regulator

Scuba gear for diving in Bali

Nowadays even budget regulators have a high performance. The mouthpiece should fit comfortably, and the hoses should have the right length for you. To try the performance of the regulator, the best way is to be able to try it underwater to see if it works for you. A well maintained set of regulators will last a really long time, so best save up some money and buy a good performing one.

  • Dive computer

The most important feature of a dive computer is its user-friendliness. The basic information should be easy and quickly accessible. The instructions to it should be complete and easy to understand. You should evaluate your diving needs, so you know if you need a dive computer with any special features.

Your own scuba gear might be a major investment for you, but it is designed to be durable. If you take good care of your equipment most items are going to last many years!

What are your tips to look for when buying scuba gear? Let us know all about it in the comments!


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