21 Jul

My journey to becoming PADI Dive Instructor – Part 2

So the exciting time has come for me to get started. It’s my first day and I have to say I’m a little nervous, I had never been diving before. I was worried as like many of my students I have now, about water in my mask, breathing under the water, how do I do all these things. The first day I spent working with a PADI Dive Instructor, starting with the basic of courses, the PADI Open Water course. This was a 3 day course that was a mixture of classroom, pool sessions and diving in the ocean. My excitement was very hard to contain. After I was introduced to everyone and met my instructor for the first time. It was clear I was in very good and safe hands, my PADI Instructor was very knowledgeable. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but we followed the program structure and everything started to make sense. We then had to do a few questions, quizzes and finally an exam. I was so happy passed all these sections.


Once this was finished we moved over to the pool, where I had to do some swimming skills and then it was onto equipment setup and getting everything in the water for my 2nd underwater experience. Once in the pool, the many skills that we had to go through, made me slowly reduce my fears of the unknown and release how simple it really was once you had been shown to clear your mask, breath under water. Finally the first day was over and what an amazing first day, I got back to my room full of excitement and looking forward to day 2. Day 2 arrives and we finish a few more skills in the pool and then move out to Sanur where I would be taking my freshly learnt skills and finally applying them in the open ocean. The moment has come to jump in the ocean and have my first real experience of diving. All I could say was WOW, the smile on my face was apparent that this was an amazing experience.


So my final day has arrived for my PADI Open Water course, we are heading to Tulamben which is a couple of hours drive from Blue Season Bali Dive Centre. The journey to Tulamben was amazing, see so many new things, cultures, places, rice fields. Finally we got to Tulamben and our instructor gave us a good briefing on the activities to come, we were going to do 2 dives and see the amazing USAT Liberty Ship Wreck. We walked down to the beach, got our gear on and started to enter the water. Once in we got our mask and fins ready and we started to descend.


We had a few simple skills that we needed to do but once these were done we was off to see the USAT Liberty Ship Wreck. And all I can say is WOW, words are hard to describe the amazing diving I experienced there. So finally my PADI open water course was complete and all I wanted to do was dive, I was so hooked. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

Stay Tuned for part 3.

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