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Packing list for an internship with Blue Season Bali

You’ve made the decision to do a dive internship abroad – congratulations! To enjoy this experience to the fullest you don’t want to forget anything important at home. We’ve created a little packing list for you to help with that. However, it is a general guide and you might have some personal requirements we didn’t put in the list – so the final choice what to pack and what to leave at home is on you. In any case this list may assist you. Also – maybe think about leaving a little room in your bag for some gifts you want to take back to your loved ones.

Packing list for an internship in Bali

The items with a “*” are quite expensive in Bali, so better purchase them at home.

Basic Scuba Gear & Instruments

As the internship might be the first step into the professional diving direction, there is no need to already have purchased a whole set of scuba equipment. We can always provide you with anything you need. Nevertheless, having your own scuba gear totally enriches your diving experience, so if you already own some pieces, take them with you! Of course, don’t forget your swimsuits. Here we provide you towels, but you should take those light travel towels with you anyways as your stay here might not provide them.


Those are the most important things, you really shouldn’t forget! Also talk to your bank if your credit card is working here! For the visa, we will provide assistance to pick the correct one and also with the extension process (which you might need, depending on the internship you chose).

Health and hygiene

Those medications we listed are just a short recommendation, as everybody has personal requirements. It just might be better to carry a little travel pharmacy with you, so you have something on hand. As you are going to be in the water a lot, your hair and skin is going to get dry. Coconut oil really is a miracle to keep your hair and skin moisturized! For sun screen it would be the best to get a marine friendly one, which isn’t harmful to the reefs. Also, if you get sunburned, you can even buy Aloe Vera leaves here, which help better than any after sun you can purchase.

Clothes and general stuff

We didn’t put that on the packing list, because it is quite obvious that you should pack some underwear, pants, shirts… Don’t over pack and concentrate on the things you wear most. We would recommend to pack a jacket, as it gets quite chilly when you ride your scooter during the evening. As shoes, flip-flops work perfectly here!

You maybe would like to bring your laptop, and of course your smartphone and charger. Check ahead if you need an adapter for the sockets (they are mostly compatible with the European ones). Maybe one of the most important recommendations: take a water bottle with you! We also provide you with a Blue Season Bali one, but it’s already great to have a bottle you can refill for your flight to Bali.

Did we forget anything important on that packing list? Let us know in the comments!

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