04 May

PADI Divemaster Internship Steps in Bali

Ever dream of turning your diving hobby into a highly rewarding career? Well, now’s your chance. And in beautiful Bali nonetheless! But first, you’ll need to earn your PADI Pro certification through the PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali. By adding this certification to your Rescue Diver skills, not only will you be one of the most qualified people at the dive site, but you will also be well on your way to becoming an assistant to a PADI Instructor. More importantly, after attaining this, you’ll be well-prepared to become a fully qualified PADI Instructor yourself!

Upon receiving your PADI Divemaster certification through the PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali, you will then be able to dive as a professional while at the same time handling interns on your watch. And because Bali is one of the top diving destinations, you can only imagine the myriad of opportunities this can lead to!

PADI Pro - Divemaster Internship - Blue Season Bali

Curious to know how you can partake in the PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali? Then continue reading below to know more about the steps you’ll be taking and the training you’ll be undergoing in order to become a PADI Pro:

  1. Developing your Knowledge

This stage is highly important as you’ll be required to pass a 120-question exam which will include subject matters such as: supervising activities for certified divers, supervising student divers in training, dive physiology and first aid, equipment, decompression theory and the RDP’s (Table and Digital), PADI Divemaster conducted programs and standards, dive physics, dive skills and the environment.

This stage also involves developing an emergency assistance plan for a local dive site which can be done individually or as a team. The activity includes drawing a map of the site and providing information about the nearest decompression facility, communication requirements, medical contact information, local authorities, and any important other details.

  1. Watermanship and Stamina

In this phase, trainees will undergo timed tests (swimming, tread water, etc.) in a pool or confined open water as part of the training. This step also involves mastering skills to effectively rescue an unresponsive diver, which includes equipment removal of both rescuer and victim and in-water resuscitation. Watermanship and stamina also involve demonstrating certain skills such as gear assembly, fin pivot, 5 point ascent, buddy breathing and mask R & R remove and replace, just to name a few.

  1. PADI Divemaster Internship

During the last step of your PADI Divemaster Internship, you will need to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired into practice.

Some of the activities you have to carry out include:

  • Conducting an actual Discover Local Diving, Discover Snorkeling, Scuba Review or Skin Diver course under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. Trainees must be able to complete a briefing, show effective and safe in water supervision, and a debriefing.
  • You will participate in at least 5 confined water sessions while training actual students.
  • You will participate in at least 4 open water training dives.
  • You will participate in at least 1 open water training dive from a continuing education course.
  • You will assist in a supervisory situation with certified divers not enrolled in a formal course.

The question on the length of the course can only be answered based on the trainee’s individual performance. Some learners will complete the certification faster than others. At Blue Season Bali, the PADI  Divemaster Internship can be completed anywhere between 1 month to 4 months, depending on the availability of a trainee. Contact IDC Internship in Bali now to go from diving enthusiast to being a PADI Pro.

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