22 Sep

A PADI instructor short story – Eddie from Blue Season Bali

Are you curious about becoming a PADI professional? You’ve probably already been to different areas to dive and experienced all sorts of diving! So have a lot of our interns and instructors at Blue Season Bali. In this series of blog posts, our PADI professionals will tell you all about their path to professional diving, why they became a PADI Pro and where they enjoyed diving the most. We hope those stories help you choose your own path to becoming a dive professional, maybe even a PADI instructor!

This time our PADI Instructor Eddie tells us all about his experiences as a PADI Pro: 


It all started when I was in Malaysia. As I’m a very active person and I tried out lots of sports already I was curious about diving. All my friends who’d been diving before told me it’s like entering a whole new world. So of course, fascinated by what they told me, I went for a Discover Scuba Dive around Redang Island. I soon discovered that my friends were absolutely right! It is like getting to know a whole new world!

From the moment I started diving on I wasn’t able to stop. I did my Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver with a PADI instructor in Malaysia, as well. This time not only around Redang Island but also around Tioman Island. The more time I spent underwater the more I loved diving.

Once I’ve finished the Advanced Open Water Diver I wanted to experience diving out of Malaysia so I went to Australia to explore the Great Barrier Reef. But that wasn’t enough for me either! I knew I didn’t just want to stay a fun diver. I kind of felt that I wanted to become a PADI instructor from the beginning. So I went to Bali to complete my Rescue Diver and Divemaster! It was such an unforgettable experience to go diving in Bali, one of the world’s best dive sites. I never loved diving more than here. Not just for the awesome dive sites, but for the people I got to know. I grew into the Blue Season Bali team like into a new family. Soon I knew I wanted to do my PADI instructor with them, as well.

So I did and I am now teaching students about my passion in life: diving. I’m so grateful for the opportunities diving offers me. It is like a shortcut that can bring you everywhere in the world. It gives you a feeling of freedom, that you can do anything you want in life because you can! I went from Zero to Pro within only 3 years and I’m so happy to be a PADI instructor at Blue Season Bali! And for sure, I hope to see you soon for your internship here.

Did Eddie’s story inspire you to think about becoming a PADI instructor or going pro in general? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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