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The PADI Instructor Examination

Now that you have completed your PADI Instructor Development Course with us, it is time to put all that you have learned in practice and get ready for the Instructor Examination.

Usually, this exam takes 2 days to complete and an examiner is sent from the PADI head office to carry out the exam making sure that the evaluations are impartial and fair. The exam will be testing your ability to teach, your knowledge of dive theory, your diving skills, how well you understand the PADI system and your professionalism and general attitude.

PADI IDC Examination

The evaluation criteria used is the same as that in the PADI IDC, and you will be assessed to check that you have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become a PADI instructor. The only thing different is the person evaluating you. This is so your evaluation is objective and consistent.

One thing to keep in mind to help you relax during your exam is that if you’ve already passed the IDC, then you’re well on your way to passing your IE due to the fact that there’s no introduction of new material. It’s all a matter of doing the exact same thing, just in front of a different evaluator.

PADI Examinations Sections Entails

Section 1 PADI Instructor Examination theory

This is the PADI instructor theory exam. It is a ‘closed book’ test that has a 75% passing score.  The subjects covered include Physiology, Recreational Dive Planner, Physics, General Skills and Environment, Decompression Theory and Equipment. The PADI Standards and Procedures Examination is an ‘open book’ exam with a 75% passing mark.

The PADI Instructor Examination Package

Section 2 Confined Water Teaching Presentation

Here you need to give a Confined Water Teaching Presentation to fellow trainees acting as students. This includes briefing, demonstrating, evaluating and debriefing of one skill picked out of the Open Water Diver to Rescue Course. You will also need to carry out a demonstration of confined water skills, demonstrating all 5 skills from the PADI open water course.

The PADI Instructor Examination test instructor

Section 3 Open Water Teaching Presentation

For the third section instructor examination, you’ll need to do an Open Water Teaching Presentation. Here you will be expected to brief, evaluate and debrief 2 skills out of the course material to candidates in your class acting as your students. You will also be asked to carry out a demonstration of a rescue exercise which includes responding, recovery, resuscitating, transporting and removing equipment from a diver who is simulating being unconscious.

The PADI Instructor Examination Courses Diving

Section 4 knowledge development

This presentation will be on knowledge development. You will be expected to present a sample teaching presentation for five to ten minutes. The assignment will be given to you before the program.

After passing the exam and getting your certificate of completion, you will need to wait about two weeks for your teaching status. While waiting, you can explore the different areas of Bali and enjoy a bit of downtime. After all, Bali is an island that’s all about balancing work and play. After waiting and having your share of adventure in and around Bali, you may consider a PADI Instructor Development Internship before fully transitioning to being a full Instructor. Contact us now to prepare your dream as a PADI Instructor in the beautiful island of Bali.

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