06 Oct

A PADI instructor short story – PADI Pro Agus from Blue Season Bali

Are you curious about becoming a PADI professional? You’ve probably already been to different areas to dive and experienced all sorts of diving! So have a lot of our interns and instructors at Blue Season Bali. In this series of blog posts, our PADI professionals will tell you all about their path to professional diving, why they became a PADI Pro and where they enjoyed diving the most. We hope those stories help you choose your own path to becoming a dive professional, maybe even a PADI instructor!

This time our PADI instructor Agus tells us how he ended up becoming a PADI Pro:

I was 17 when I tried diving for the first time. It was a Discover Scuba Dive in the south of Bali, Kuta. Lots of divers fall in love with diving when they do their first breath underwater. For me it has been a little different – I didn’t like diving at first, it just felt strange. Obviously I didn’t stop at this point, even if I never would have imagined to end up as a PADI Pro. I tried diving once more and this time I really liked it. The instructor was very good and had lots of patience. It really is important with whom you are diving and what feeling they give you. So this dive totally convinced me to not only do my Open Water Diver but to get into diving to the fullest.


That’s how I went directly from Zero to Hero in Kuta. It took me seven years, but those years are more than well spent! So after I’ve finished my Divemaster I’ve been thinking – what now? I started to look for a job in the diving industry. As Blue Season Bali is a PADI Career Development Centre I took my chance to do my IDC there, to constantly develop myself and try out new specialties! At the moment I am finishing my IDC Staff Course with our Course Director.

Even if I have only been diving in Bali I am still in love with its dive sites because every time you get into the water you see something new. I like Nusa Penida the most, especially the dive site Toyapakeh, because it has the most beautiful corals. However, the underwater world is so big and rich of creatures that there definitely never is enough to see!  The ocean gives you the possibility to get away from everything – when you are underwater, the peaceful area lets you forget everything for the moment and just enjoy it.

Did you go from Zero to Hero as well or how does your diving journey look like? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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