05 Apr

Staff Instructor with Blue Season Bali

After teaching as a PADI Instructor for about a year. I decided to get more involved with professional dive teaching. Having only taught recreational courses to that point, I was really excited to try something new.

Knowing Eugene from working at Blue Season Bali – I approached him to take me under his wing for two weeks. Joining my second IDC, but this time from the perspective of a Staff Instructor, sounded amazing.

I knew it’s going to be a lot of fun but was curious what the course has to offer.


PADI instructor


I now can say that it is a very interesting and challenging course. You help to coach the candidates while being coached by PADI Course Director Eugene and PADI Master Instructor Sam yourself. You get involved from Day 1, by helping the candidates with questions and being encouraged to bring yourself in as much as you like.

I learned how to score knowledge development presentations, confined presentations, and open water presentations. The scoring was probably the hardest part for me, as there are a lot of things to watch out for. That said, Eugene and Sam manage to transfer their knowledge and strategies very relatable, so that I quickly felt comfortable and knew I could ask questions and get exactly what I need from them.

The focus Sam and Eugene put on realism and tying everything together are amazing. They encourage candidates to not simply follow a formula to hit the scores but think about real life situations and how they would apply things in the real diving world.

During my year of teaching recreational courses, I sometimes had questions that I couldn’t answer with 100% confidence or things that felt a bit unnatural with the way I was used to teaching them. I can happily say after assisting the IDC and taking the PADI Staff Instructor Course with PADI Course Director Eugene that my understanding of PADI and dive training in general got a whole new perspective. Which breeds confidence on one side and created even more motivation to stay in the diving training industry.

Sam and Eugene are very outgoing and approachable. They regularly organize group dinners and hangouts for the candidates to relax and get everyone bonding together. If you consider doing your IDC here you can be sure to make a bunch of new friends.

To get the most out of your PADI Staff Instructor Course I would recommend you, to bring some teaching experience. For me having had that year of practice really helped me tying everything together and see the bigger picture, especially with this progressive approach Eugene and Sam preach and practice.

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