30 Nov

Become a scuba instructor: the zero to hero program

Even if you’re new to scuba diving, you can still set your sights on becoming a certified scuba diving professional. To aim to become a PADI Divemaster is not a dream to be missed or a title you could only imagine to have. With Blue Season Bali’s Zero to Hero program, learn to scuba dive and become a PADI Instructor in 7 months even if you have no prior dive experience!

Zero to Hero PADI Program in Bali

What is the PADI Zero to Hero program?

The PADI Zero to Hero program is developed for individuals who have a limited amount of time unable to join PADI’s extended programs or a great deal of prior knowledge to bring to the table.

This course of study is great for individuals reaching out to their dream title to explore the underwater world in a time-sensitive deadline. The goal of the Zero to Hero program is to recruit individuals who have little to no experience in scuba diving and do not have all the time in the world to train completely. It is an intensive course done under a short period of time, and once the course is completed, the individual is expected to be certified as a PADI Instructor.

Zero to Hero Program in Bali with Blue Season Bali

Who is the program good for?

Zero to Pro is a program that suits you even if you have absolutely never dived (you are a total beginner, not yet certified) but you have a gentle curiosity for becoming a dive professional with a passion for discovering the underwater world in the beautiful island of Bali. If this resonates with you and you are available for a 7 month comprehensive course, then the Zero to Pro program will be your dream job coming true. By the end, you will be certified as a PADI Instructor. You will be trained, through a variety of very useful diving courses, to become experienced enough to be able to safely and competently teach courses and lead divers on their undersea adventures.

Zero To Hero program candidate

If employment is your ultimate goal when beginning your road to becoming a dive professional, the Zero to Hero program is perfect. With Blue Season Bali, we offer a 7-month program that will not only get you PADI certified but will also give you the experience you need to completely and safely teach courses and become a leader. For more information about this fantastic course, learn from this link!

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