17 May

The Benefits of the PADI Deep Diver Course

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The PADI Deep divers course extended your depth limit as a recreational diver to 40m.. but why would you want to do this?!

Have you ever been on a dive and looked down over a deep wall and wondered what was down past 30 meters. I know I have many times!

During your PADI Advanced Open Water Course, you learned how to fine tune your buoyancy and visit 30 meters for the very first time under the supervision of your PADI Instructor and PADI Divemaster. This is more than likely this first time that your dive was shortened by your no decompression limit rather than your air limit hitting its reserve.

The PADI Deep Diver course takes this that extra bit further as you visit a deeper depth up to 40 meters where communicating our limits clearly and managing our no decompression limits and air limits by not pushing them to extremes and risking our safety. Since this is the first time you have visited 40 Meters your PADI Instructor will teach and monitor you for Gas Narcosis and how to manage this and keep your deep dives fun and safe.

You will also practice emergency skills and how to set up and use an emergency air supply, that you may carry along on your dive. Alternatively, you may opt into taking the PADI Sidemount course where you learn about all the joys of diving with two cylinders and how they can be used to have perfect trim in the water but also how they allow you to access areas on dive sites that carrying a cylinder on your back will stop you from visiting.

Following your deep course if you really have the taste for deep water you can carry on your education by taking part in the Padi Technical diver course.

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